Educating residents and collecting public input is very important for North Split project. The project team will host public meetings at key project milestones to keep the public engaged and to gather public feedback.

The first public open house is scheduled May 23, 2018.


Public meetings will be held in Indianapolis as well as up to four main commuter cities. Each meeting will be held in a public space that is accessible and provides free parking and/or proximity to a bus route when possible.

During each of the public meetings, the public will have an opportunity to get project information regarding the project details to date, schedule and ask any questions. Spanish-language interpretation will be available upon request.

Opportunities to give input and comments will also be available at all public meetings. The public meetings will be an open house format with various stations focused on topics or elements of the project. The goal is to provide interactive stations to gain input while also allowing the public to directly talk and ask questions of the project team.