November 2023

Underpass Mural

May 2023

North Split Opening

Changing the Crossroads

April 2023

North Split Time Lapse

Work Zone Awareness Week

March 2023

New I-70 WB to I-65 NB Movement

February 2023

Back Downtown Valentine’s Day¬†

National Engineers Week: Doug Garvin

National Engineers Week: Erica Johnson

National Engineers Week: Julian Hayes

National Engineers Week: Allen Egilmez

National Engineers Week: Erica Haas

January 2023

I-70 WB Opening

I-70 EB Opening

September 2022

Bi-Directional Shift

I-70 WB Shift

Ohio/New York Street Beam Setting

Happy Labor Day

August 2022

County Materials

Drone Surveying

July 2022

Pine Street Ramp Closure

Stranger Things

Pine Street Ramp Closure

May 2022

Pine Street Ramp Restriction

Drone Tour

Start Your Engines!

April 2022

Big Beam Delivery

Urban Forest

Central Avenue Beam Setting

January-March 2022

Traffic Pattern Shift

Progress Update – Road School