Community Advisory Committee


The team has established a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to discuss the project’s progress and decisions. The CAC is comprised of 70+ individuals and/or organizations, including, but not limited to:

  • Civic organizations
  • Businesses and large employers
  • Advocates for minority groups
  • Advocates for low-income populations
  • Environmental interest groups
  • Neighborhood residents
  • Facility users, incl. freight, bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Delegates selected by elected representatives
  • Religious leaders
  • Education leaders

See the list of organizations invited to join the CAC


The CAC meets to gain stakeholder feedback, identify and resolve local concerns, and build community support during the decision-making process. It is an effective means of addressing specific issues and hearing a variety of stakeholder views.

The CAC will meet many times to discuss key project milestones, including:

While not advertised as public meetings or presentations, non-CAC members are permitted to observe the meetings as space allows.