Maintenance of Traffic


A project maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan defines the sequence and timeframe of construction and establishes what roadways and/or travel lanes will be open to traffic at each stage of the work. The North Split Design-Build team is responsible for developing and implementing the MOT plan for this project. INDOT has provided parameters for the MOT plan, such as which major movements can be closed at any one time, and the maximum amount of time these movements can be closed.


INDOT and the North Split Project Team developed a “conceptual MOT Plan” to confirm the feasibility of the overall allowable construction time frame, to identify traffic movements allowed to be closed during construction, to establish maximum allowable closure periods, and to otherwise inform the development of guidelines for the design-build teams. This conceptual MOT plan was provided to potential design-build teams for reference as they developed their own plans.


Criteria specified by INDOT for the design-build contractor’s MOT plan are defined below. Click here to see a map of the detour routes

  1. I-65/I-70 through traffic closed between the North Split and Washington Street, up to two construction seasons. Through traffic is detoured to I-465.
  2. All downtown exit and entrance ramps open at all times outside the North Split project area.
  3. I-65 to I-70 link across the north part of the North Split open to traffic in each direction, except for a short closure (up to 45 days) of the eastbound movement for construction of one bridge.
  4. Pine Street entrance ramp to eastbound I-70 open at all times. Westbound I-70 exit ramp at either Michigan Street or Ohio Street open at all times via the collector-distributor road.
  5. All local roadways crossing the interstates will require closure at some point for bridge reconstruction, but in no case can adjacent roadways be closed at the same time.


The maximum allowable closure time for traffic movements is specified below. Design-build contractors can potentially improve their procurement score with MOT plans that have shorter durations.

Roadway Segment Allowable Closure
I-65 Mainline      520 days
I-70 Mainline      430 days
I-65 SB to I-70 EB (Bridge)        45 days
Fletcher Avenue exit from I-70 collector      520 days
Ohio Street exit from I-70 collector *      260 days
Michigan Street exit from I-70 collector*      260 days
Local ramps and bridges (not adjacent)        90 days

*Ohio Street and Michigan Street never closed at same time