Greening the North Split:

Plans Include 3+ Million Square Foot ‘Urban Forest’

Throughout the North Split’s environmental study, neighbors advocated for a naturalistic approach to landscape design with many using the term “urban forest.” The Aesthetic Design Guidelines developed during the study – which integrate INDOT standards  and input from local groups – provide the framework to implement the urban forest concept.

The plantings within the North Split interchange include grass, native grass, small shrubs, large deciduous shrubs, ornamental trees and shade trees. By this time next year, native grasses, plants and wildflowers will provide pops of color between the concrete elements of the North Split.

Led by Superior Construction, the design build team presented updated landscaping plans to key stakeholders in November 2021. Based on public feedback, landscape plans are being finalized with an update for the neighborhoods and consulting parties expected this spring. Information about landscaping plans is available at

The North Split’s approach to landscaping includes using native, low-maintenance plants; softening urban elements and providing a diverse palette of plant species in six categories:

  • Tree preservation areas
  • 10’ buffer zones
  • Side slope plantings
  • Screen plantings
  • Interchange plantings
  • Detention basin plantings