Bright and early on any given Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning, Jake America and Kyle Kester are hard at work preparing the safety training for new hires on the North Split Reconstruction Project. As one of three Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) managers on the project, there’s little time for moss to grow under their feet, but these mornings are particularly busy.

More than just an administrative process, the two-hour training they conduct provides crew members with everything they need to know about achieving Superior’s number one goal— zero workplace incidents. From personal protective equipment to incident reporting, the HSE team specifically shares how Superior works to ensure that the necessary equipment, tools, and hazard controls are in place to allow every worker to safely perform their tasks.

As we move into summer and work on the North Split goes into full throttle, motorists are reminded that they too play a role in keeping roadway workers safe by watching their speed and paying attention to road signage and detour information.