An engineering designer and a construction contractor are selected as a team to deliver the North Split Project in a process called “Best-Value Design-Build” procurement.  The design-build approach has been shown to provide benefits with respect to economy and schedule for large public works projects such as the North Split. The best-value component allows INDOT to consider additional high priority factors as well as cost in selecting a design-build team.


INDOT conducts a series of steps to identify qualified teams to accomplish the work.  These teams are provided with criteria to be met in the design and construction of the project. These criteria include the a spatial “envelope” for placement of the interchange and design criteria ranging from standard dimensions to aesthetic and landscape guidelines, allowable duration for closures, and many other factors.  Potential design-build teams have the opportunity to comment on these criteria and make suggestions before the criteria are finalized.

Once the criteria are set, design-build teams submit proposals and these are evaluated by a team of reviewers using pre-established weighted criteria. Technical factors are scored separately from cost factors. Ultimately, the design-build team with the best overall score is selected to deliver the project.


INDOT places value on a range of factors in the selection process for the North Split Project. Examples include low cost of construction, shorter construction time, optimal availability of travel lanes for use during construction, and minimal disruption to the local community.


The complete process for selection of a design-build team has taken about a year, as shown in the following procurement schedule:

  • Request for Qualifications (RFQ) –  April 2019
  • Shortlist DB Teams – June 2019
  • Request for Proposals (RFP) – October 2019
  • Proposals Received – March 10, 2020
  • Evaluation / Scoring March – April 2020
  • Select DB Team – April 2020
  • Preliminary and Final Design – Mid-2020
  • Construction  –  Late 2020 through end 2022