Commerce Avenue / Valley Avenue

April 8 and 9: Overnight Traffic Shift

Lanes on I-70 will be shifted into a new configuration east of the North Split for the next phase of the interchange reconstruction. As part of this traffic shift, the two inside lanes of I-70 eastbound will “crossover” onto what is currently I-70 westbound for approximately one mile.

Overnight on April 8 and 9, I-70 eastbound traffic may slow or stop temporarily while crews shift the traffic.

Temporary concrete construction barriers will separate I-70 eastbound and westbound traffic and allow the inside left lanes of I-70 eastbound to travel on what is currently the I-70 westbound median shoulder and inside travel lane. The I-70 westbound lanes will shift to the north side of the roadway onto the outside lanes and what is currently the existing outside shoulder.

Prior to the full closure of the North Split interchange (anticipated May 22, 2021), the I-70 westbound lane shifts will provide two lanes to I-70 westbound/I-65 southbound, an exit to Ohio Street / Fletcher Avenue, and two lanes to I-65 northbound.

The crossover lane shift for I-70 eastbound occurs just after Pine Street onramp traffic merges onto I-70 eastbound and runs to just before the Rural/Keystone interchange. For the approximately one-milelong traffic shift, the two inside lanes of I-70 eastbound will have concrete barriers on both sides, separating those lanes from eastbound and westbound I-70 within the construction zone. The remaining two eastbound lanes will be shifted toward the existing center median, and construction will occur on the southside of the roadway (see graphics for details). Traffic on I-70 eastbound will “cross back over” to the original lane configuration just before the Rural/Keystone interchange.

Four travel lanes of traffic will be maintained on both I-70 eastbound and I-70 westbound. I-70 east of the North Split interchange is expected to stay in this configuration until July 2021.

April 12-17: Commerce Avenue Closure

Beginning Monday, April 12, weather permitting, Commerce Avenue will be closed each night between Roosevelt Avenue and 16th Street.

The closure will be effect each night through Saturday from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Pedestrians are encouraged to use the Monon Trail as a detour.

Download PDF: Commerce and Valley Spring