Kan-Kan Cinema and Brasserie: Open for business. 

On March 13, 2020, the date a global pandemic closed much of the world, the Kan-Kan Cinema and Brasserie, located at 1258 Windsor Street, had planned to open. Forced to cancel their much-anticipated grand opening, the lights went dark until 18-months later when the doors finally opened in August 2021. 

Kan-Kan Programming Director Daniel Arthur Jacobson describes the 3-screen cinema with attached restaurant as a community-based movie theater for film lovers and filmmakers. The Brasserie, a full-service bar and restaurant from acclaimed chef Abbi Merriss of Bluebeard, offers a menu that combines comforting Midwest mainstays with exotic and eclectic international flavors. 

Although the theater opened after North Split reconstruction began, Jacobson feels the result will ultimately benefit Kan-Kan’s focus on community. “We love our neighborhood and specifically wanted to be a part of it,” reflected Jacobson. “The reconstructed interstate will alleviate the physical barriers between the Windsor Park Neighborhood and the rest of the city. With the interstate being raised up higher, there will be more visibility and safer access between neighborhoods.”  

After successfully weathering COVID-19 and now North Split construction, Kan-Kan managers just want folks to know they are open for dinner, movies — or both. Stop by today, visit their website, or follow Kan-Kan on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to find out what’s on screen, on tap and on the table. 

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