Gen Con Brings People, and New Food, to Indy

North Split team welcomes Gen Con attendees to Indianapolis

Gen Con is a four-day tabletop gaming convention. It is in Indianapolis this weekend, August 4-7. The near 60,000 people coming to Indianapolis will spend the weekend in the Indiana Convention Center, Lucas Oil Stadium, and filling up hundreds of hotel rooms around the city.

The gamers pack the downtown area each year in colorful cosplays. Parts of Georgia Street will be closed for food trucks and the Gen Con Block Party all weekend long. In addition to the food trucks, Gen Con has enlisted a number of local businesses to provide Official Food and Drinks of Gen Con.

Each of these restaurants are located around the North Split area, so find some time to get out, even if you’re not going to Gen Con, and get a taste of the convention!

Official Burger of Gen Con: The Spice and Dice

Harry & Izzy’s

This cheeseburger is packed with crispy jalapenos, chipotle ranch and American cheese.

Official Beer of Gen Con: Dragon’s Delight

Sun King Brewery

This beer is a Belgian-Style Ale and will be served exclusively at Gen Con and various Indy locations throughout the weekend.

Official Pizza of Gen Con: The Tater Invader

Hot Box Pizza

This pizza is reminiscent of a loaded baked potato. It has mozzarella, cheddar, bacon, tater tots, green onion, and a sour cream drizzle with a ranch sauce as the base. This pizza will be available exclusively during Gen Con.

Official Wine of Gen Con: Dragon Dew and Dragon Blood

Daniel’s Vineyard

There are two official wines for Gen Con this year. The first is Dragon Dew, a sweet, white wine with tastes of citrus, lime, and orange. The Dragon Blood is a red blend with black cherry, espresso, and chocolate.

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