Epoxy Injections

Strong Bonds: Epoxy Injections near North Split Help Strengthen Bridge Decks and Reduce Impacts


During the past few weeks, INDOT crews have been working overnight to inject epoxy into bridges adjacent to the North Split. This work is being done as part of INDOT’s statewide plan to address the wear and tear of state-owned bridge decks.

Older and failing bridge decks are often overlaid with a concrete layer to strengthen the bridge surface and extend its lifespan. Over time, traffic use and seasonal freezing/thawing can cause cracks in the overlay, allowing water to seep between the layers. These cracks cause pieces of the overlay to break off and de-bond from the base layer.

INDOT Maintenance crews typically repair such concrete breakdowns with labor-intensive deck patching – using hammer drills to remove damaged concrete and then filling in those areas with quick-set concrete or similar materials.

Patching can be time-consuming for both crews and commuters, resulting in delays and traffic restrictions. While still a traditional form of maintenance, patching is only a temporary solution that will not prevent further bridge deck deterioration.

Another option to repair cracks is injectable epoxy, which strengthens and seals the decks without further stressing the concrete. Crews use multiple ports to inject epoxy between the original portion of the concrete deck and the overlay surface to fill the void and displace any water. This process greatly reduces the frequency of future patching repairs and commuter impacts.

INDOT will continue to implement epoxy injections on bridges throughout the state in the coming months.