CSS Round 1 Workshops

In Spring 2019, INDOT conducted a round of stakeholder meetings to collect feedback about the Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) visioning process. More than 275 residents participated in the workshops, providing 2,650 comments.

Comments were tracked for the five element categories: landform elements, local infrastructure elements, interchange infrastructure elements, vegetation elements, and community and public art elements. The graphic below summarizes the top recurring issues from the CSS round 1 workshops.

See the CSS Visioning Workshop (round 1 ) presentation

Neighborhood meetings included:

  • March 28 – Holy Cross/Cottage Home/Windsor Park/Woodruff Place neighborhoods
  • March 30 – Fletcher Place/North Square/Bates-Hendricks/Stadium Village Business Association/Old Southside neighborhood
  • April 2 – Chatham Arch/Lockerbie Square neighborhoods
  • April 4 – Interstate Business Groups/Cole-Noble neighborhood
  • April 9 – Herron-Morton/Old Northside/St. Joseph neighborhoods
  • June 11 – Martindale/Brightwood neighborhoods