Now that the weather is getting warmer, crews can restart several specific construction activities throughout the North Split project area. Two of the biggest opportunities are the availability of asphalt and the ability to perform earthwork.

Over the winter, asphalt plants shut down because the material requires heat to keep the oil-based asphalt “tar” substance in a liquid state until it’s placed on the ground. In cold winter temperatures, asphalt cools too quickly, causing the material to be improperly compacted. Most asphalt plants reopen the second or third week of March, so motorists can expect to see crews performing patching and paving work over the next few weeks.

Another activity crews can restart this spring is earthwork. When constructing embankments and bridges, dirt and base materials must be properly compacted to prevent settling over time. If frost exists anywhere in the embankment, settling will occur once the frost melts.

One thing is certain – work is going to ramp up in the North Split. Motorists can expect to see crews performing more types of work over the next few weeks as spring arrives in Indy. See the spring 2022 calendar here.