Angela Bryan, Superior Construction

A long-time industry veteran, Angela Bryan has worked in construction for nearly a decade. As Project Administrator for the North Split project, there’s never a dull moment. A day on the job can include anything from handling personnel issues to arranging volunteer events and ordering office supplies.

With a degree in business management, she got into construction when she went to work for a construction company overseeing process management. Since then, she’s developed a strong appreciation for the industry.

“My experience has been nothing but positive. I have been embraced by my peers and mentors. I have a terrific group of co-workers at this project and within the organization who I can utilize and reach out to for support and to problem solve when necessary. I have the best support system I have ever had within an organization. This has been a big advantage for me to learn new opportunities on the job and from outside sources,” Bryan said about working in construction.

Bryan encourages women to consider a career in construction if they are looking for an environment with a wide variety of rewarding jobs and a culture that allows you to problem solve, grow professionally and work flexible hours.

“I think women in general are slowly shaping and paving the path for change in the industry which a few years back was dominated more by men,” she added.

Bryan has enjoyed working for Superior Construction and feels fortunate to belong to a company that truly values its employees. For her work on the North Split project, Angela is proud to work alongside INDOT and her teammates to help change the face of Indianapolis and make Hoosier roadways safer.

“It’s truly a rewarding experience.”