The Meridian/Pennsylvania Street ramp will remain closed until the I-65 movements open in late spring. The ramp closed in October 2022.

INDOT has decided to leave the ramp closed until the final configuration of the North Split interchange is complete. When the ramp reopens, the ONLY access motorists will have to the ramp will be from I-65 northbound.

INDOT announced this access change during the environmental process for the North Split in 2020. One of the main goals for the North Split project is safety for motorists. This access change will eliminate a weaving section on the interstate. A weave occurs at locations where traffic is forced to cross paths to enter or exit the interstate.

One of the main cause of crashes in the previous configuration was the weaving of traffic to enter or exit the interstate.

The other access control change will be at the Delaware Street ramp to I-70 eastbound. Once construction is complete, motorists will ONLY be able to access I-70 EB from the Delaware Street entrance ramp. There will no longer be able to access I-65 southbound or the collector-distributor (C/D) ramp serving North Street, Michigan Street, Ohio Street and Fletcher Avenue.