Megan Whiteman, HNTB

When Megan Whiteman started working for HNTB in July, she wanted to learn as much as possible. As a Construction Representative I, she has been receiving that ‘real life’ education in her work as an inspector on the North Split.

“My favorite part about the North Split is that everything you can potentially see on an INDOT project, can be seen here,” said Whiteman. “I feel like I’ve learned so many new things, almost as if I’m learning in dog years. Being on such a large and unique project like the North Split is very exciting and an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often.”

Whiteman graduated from Ball State University with a bachelor’s in construction management and minor in business administration. Her decision to pursue a STEM job had less to do with the technical aspects and more the impact. And a project the size and scope of the North Split is one that will not only have tremendous impacts on the traveling public but on the neighborhoods in the North Split zone.

“I love the collaboration of people from different backgrounds coming together and working together to build something for the greater good,” commented Whiteman. “STEM can be challenging because there are a lot of hands in the proverbial cookie jar, and it can be difficult to navigate. But it’s a very rewarding field if you work hard and keep an open mind.”