BODHI Brings Generationally Inspired Thai Dining to Indianapolis 

Mass Ave is a lively destination for Indianapolis residents and visitors, bursting with unique shops, restaurants, music venues, and bars. At the very end of the downtown hot spot sits BODHI, a Thai bistro featuring craft cocktails, craft beer, and an extensive wine list paired with an inviting dining atmosphere. 

BODHI, named for the sacred fig tree in Bihar, India where the Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment, first opened in March 2021. The bistro features a focused menu, favoring fewer dishes with the freshest ingredients over longer menus with potentially sacrificed quality; but the concentrated menu is only a part of what makes BODHI unique.

“We are three generation women owned.” Said Founder and Owner Taelor Carmine. “My mother and grandmother have been involved since the beginning.” 

Taelor spent 15 years in the industry prior to starting BODHI alongside her mother and grandmother. Her mother worked at a Thai restaurant for over 20 years, and her grandmother has spent over six decades crafting recipes that continue to inspire Bodhi’s menu today.

“The inspiration for our menu is what we grew up eating,” said Taelor. “Our menu is a combination of family recipes, traditional recipes, and new recipes with a twist, inspired by Northern and Southern Thailand.” 

In addition to the women in Taelor’s family, industry friend Heather Storms serves as the eatery’s beverage director and helps run BODHI’s craft cocktail and bar program. 

As for the North Split reconstruction? Taelor says their staff looks forward to the improved commute that will come once construction is finalized, in addition to the re-planting of trees and bushes around the interchange.   

For more on BODHI, visit or check them out on Facebook or Instagram. 

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