Noise Survey

As part of the project development process, INDOT is asking benefited receptors (residents and property owners who would benefit from the construction of a noise barrier) whether they want the barrier to be constructed. FHWA and INDOT will consider the feedback received before deciding whether or not to construct each noise barrier.

A noise survey is a postcard that is mailed to benefited residents and property owners to solicit their opinions about noise barriers.

  • If the property owner is different from the current resident, both the owner and resident are surveyed.
  • If a barrier is proposed directly adjacent to the property line of a business, the business will also be mailed a survey to determine whether they have any concerns about line of sight.

If a majority (greater than 50%) of benefited residents and property owners do not respond to the survey, a second survey will be required.

Residents and property owners who do not receive a noise survey in the mail are not considered benefited receptors for a barrier under the INDOT Traffic Noise Policy. It is possible they may still receive some noise reduction from a noise barrier and may still participate in the neighborhood meetings. But only the opinions of benefited receptors and businesses with concerns about line of sight will be considered by FHWA and INDOT.

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